Why Think Spring?

Why Think Spring?
My last Italian name in English means Spring and Spring is also my favourite season. I love this season and its changes. I like the smell of Spring: fresh air, fresh earth, the wonderful blooming and the colors of flowers are everywhere.
I could think Spring all year round!
I like colors and love handmade goodies. I know how funny is adding an element of hand made to your next card, layout, or favorite project. 
That's the reason that I started the Think Spring Shop.
My passion is creating handmade embellishments and every my new project begins with selected color palettes, using the best material and making strong attention to details because customer satisfaction is very important to me.
I should point out that these products are not manufactured with sophisticated equipment but are totally handmade, crafted! Will then be easy to find the difference between a package and another.
I hope these products will be helpful to you and they will give a special touch to your everyday projects.
I look forward to creating fabulous new Think Spring products for many years to come, thanks for stopping by!

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